Meet Steve Stones

Steve Stones, artist in Ogden Utah

Steve Stones relaxes in front of Ogden High School. Stones is a native of Ogden, Utah, and has been known to buck the dominant local mores on several occasions.

If the community was a parent and Steve Stones it’s child, Stones would be the black lamb of the family who everyone wants to keep quiet about. Stones has graced the pages of the local newspaper on numerous occasions due to some of his shocking content. His latest censorship occurred two summers ago in the very conservative community of North Ogden, and consequently he made the front page of the Ogden Standard Examiner over the word, “Sex.” Despite his Latter Day Saint upbringing, Stones is openly a critic of religion to the point of Atheism. Stones states the reason for this perspective is “I’ve seen how religion chokes people’s perception of life; if people are ideologically entrenched in their beliefs,  it causes them to look at the world from a very narrow perspective. Gay marriage and women’s right to contraception are examples of how religion is a way of controlling thoughts and behaviors. Religion doesn’t coincide with creativity.” “Our previous president [George W. Bush] stated ‘God told him to go to war,’ look at what this has led to. He put both wars on a credit card and it has changed our whole capitalistic system because now the American People are having to pay off that debt and had caused companies to lay people off.” Stones continues,” Think about it, if there’s a God, would God really want people to go to war? If we’re all Children of God, then would God really want one child to kill the other? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Crucifixion of The Hamburger Messiah [Ronald McDonald] y Steve Stones

“Crucifixion of The Hamburger Messiah” was painted in 1998 by Ogden Artist Steve Stones. Stones deconstructs iconic symbols to get viewers to reconsider their meaning and what these icons communicate.

Also a critic of capitalistic culture, Stones’ perspective is seen in his artworks as well; for example, although it seems funny to some, here’s one of his coveted pieces entitled, “Crucifixion of the Hamburger Messiah.” “We are a culture obsessed with symbols,  when you see symbols used in contemporary culture they typically have nothing to do with the products they represent. It’s just an eye-catching way of getting the consumer to pay attention to the product.  Symbols become iconic, just like religious symbols” Stones says. English: Enlargement of the 20-dollar bill. En... Although I have a better tolerance level for religion, many people including myself tend to agree with Stones. It’s no accident that “In God We Trust,” is the motto printed upon the American Currency, or that McDonalds ranks #1 in the American Food Industry, despite exposure of questionable ethics and the potential consequences of its global popularity.

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