Monthly Archives: November 2013

In 1980, it was the worst Thanksgiving ever. My youngest sister, Melissa had been sick and was taken to the hospital due to an uncontrollable fever.
I remember on that day, my other sister, Kara and I were drawing and coloring out Thanksgiving pictures for Melissa with the idea that it was temporary and our little sister would get better.
Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. For the first time it was okay for Kara and I to go into our grandparent’s room.  Kara and I sat on our grandparent’s bed and our mother closed the door. Our mother just stood there, silently trying to gain her composure. Kara and I just sat, it was awkward. Our mother could barely speak without choking. Then, she gathered us in her arms and quietly broke the news to us; she said, ” Melissa won’t be coming home.” At first, I thought it was that she wouldn’t be having Thanksgiving with us; but, our mother further explained that Melissa had passed away.
Our mother was understandably tearful, Kara and I were in shock.  When we left the room,  the crayons didn’t seem so vibrant anymore. We were seated at the table where the turkey was dead. The potatoes were dead. Everything was dead. And there we were, expected to carry on in life while consuming dead things. Happy Thanksgiving.