Monthly Archives: August 2014

ok“How do you see gender?” he asked me (or something similar). At that moment, I felt very much put on the spot with his response to learning I had worked as a dancer for a brief time in my past. I recall thinking to myself, “How in the hell do I end up in these conversations?”
Although I never got the opportunity to answer fully as the topic had switched to my initial baggage which never helped with my view of the opposite sex, I’m not typically one to generalize an entire gender despite my irretrievable missing pieces; therefore, I’m not one who’ll plow through relationships and treat men terribly based upon the actions of a few men.
I feel that in my adult life, I’ve done all that I can to try and embrace myself as a sensual being and I’m all for sexually liberated women; however, I believe there’s more to life than sex. I don’t understand why so many people are obsessively preoccupied with something so common. To me, it’s a little crazy that the sex industry is so successful; yet, humanitarian organizations and the education system hang on by the fingernails.
Although I appreciated the money, men who regularly attend gentleman’s clubs, especially when they have wives waiting for them at home, are of a certain “type”– WHICH IS NOT MY TYPE. Who is? A man with hobbies who can keep busy, a man who has books– a man who is a bit more like myself. When I worked as a dancer, the money was far better than flipping burgers and it was great exercise for a newly widowed mother of two with limited skills. I don’t have to defend myself for buying diapers and making my time away from my children count for more money (besides, I love to dance and I love music). If I could’ve made the same amount of money creating art, gardening, or doing something else I love to do, I would’ve done that as well. In conclusion, it isn’t how I see gender so much as it’s how I see individuals and observe the way they treat others. Are you being nice?