Bernie Sanders: More than just “free stuff.”

It’s no secret, Bernie Sanders has my vote and the reasons go beyond what many seem to think is simply a desire to glean free stuff. It’s more complicated than that. There are many points of Sanders’ which resonate with me, along with many others who “feel the Bern.” It’s about more. It’s about taking our country back before it slips away.
Bernie Sanders has all along called out Free Trade as a raw deal on the American people, unlike Hillary Clinton. Our country didn’t get into this pickle overnight, we strayed decades ago. Since Bill Clinton enacted NAFTA in 1996, the consequences have resulted in more than five million, decent paying manufacturing jobs lost to Americans; but, Clinton didn’t stop selling out the American people there, he also enacted the WTO agreement. Other consequences aside from an ailing economy are falling like dominoes before our eyes, the decline of living wage jobs has impacted funding to carry out other needed programs such as Social Security, alarmingly we’ve seen the retirement age begin to raise and it will gradually increase. It comes as no surprise to think that corporations such as Walmart that pay slave wages have shipped jobs to sweat shops overseas, and people in America have sacrificed mom and pop shops for the almighty dollar. Due to low, unfair wages, shopping elsewhere is no longer a choice for many and big box stores such as Walmart are taking over. Fair trade has been anything but fair.

Another thing that interests me about Bernie Sanders is he’s willing to reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act, unlike his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. I agree with Sanders’ view that Glass-Steagall Act needs to be reinstated due to the predatory and abusive practices of banks and Wall Street. I also support the need to close the loopholes.
Bernie Sanders wants to address the infrastructure and stop the tax breaks which are siphoning wealth from all of America to the top 1/10 of 1%. It has been proven that “Trickle Down Theory” and tax breaks for the wealthy doesn’t work. The wealthy have chosen to store their money in tax free havens such as the Cayman Islands rather than step up to their obligation to the American people by giving back to the country in which they’ve found so much success. I support the implementation of tax upon the wealthy, the disappearing middle class can’t carry this country forever.
Like Bernie Sanders, I was also against the Iraq War and felt helpless as a citizen to oppose what seemed to be inevitable at the time. Back then, it didn’t make any sense to me as to why we would invade Iraq when it was Saudis who hijacked the planes and crashed them into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers. In hindsight, I think Bush was paranoid because of the Iran-Contra affair of the Reagan Administration; however, that doesn’t change the fact that it was Saudis who hijacked the planes. Ultimately, the invasion of Iraq did result in the uprising of the ISIL and turned out to be a stain in the history of the United States. Back then Bernie Sanders demonstrated the judgement of a leader and foresaw future challenges while the rest of us were afraid and on the defense. I strongly feel that Bush exploited the situation as an excuse to invade Iraq, with Hillary Clinton behind him.
Additionally, it makes no sense why George W. Bush granted tax breaks to the wealthy during a time of war.
Sanders has long fought for those who have sacrificed and paid the price of war more than anyone else, the Veterans.
Bernie Sanders wants Single Payer healthcare, Hillary Clinton wants to build upon the flawed Affordable Healthcare Act. There are good things about the ACA such as eliminating exclusions to healthcare due to preexisting conditions; however, many employers have reduced hours to below the 30 hour mandate in order to avoid paying fees or offering healthcare to their employees. Of course this has “created” more part time jobs as the employer still has labor slots which need to be filled. So the increase of jobs in the economy since the ACA was mandated is actually an illusion. It isn’t uncommon for the employees who’ve had their hours drastically cut to seek out second jobs and to work approximately 60 hour weeks without overtime pay. Also, the ACA isn’t affordable to everyone, some Americans are too poor to afford Obamacare. Additionally, the ACA doesn’t address price gouging which is common of the pharmaceutical companies.
Unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is also open to legalizing Marijuana, which is clearly an emerging industry now. In states such as Colorado where Marijuana is legalized, jobs have been created and tax revenue is generated to fund education. Decriminalizing Marijuana also keeps ordinary citizens who aren’t hurting anyone out of prison or jail. Like Sanders, I’m against privatized prisons. I think it’s wrong to create a demand in which we’re encouraged to imprison Americans for profit, which is a practice that began with Reagan’s War on Drugs.
I agree with Bernie Sanders’ idea that we should care for our environment, Sanders is not for big oil or fracking, he’s open to fostering the change we need in order to preserve our surroundings by seeking out alternatives to fossil fuels, biofuels such as hemp are great alternatives as well as solar panels and wind energy.
All along, Bernie Sanders has been for LGBTQ rights and has been fighting for equality for decades. Hillary Clinton has played a key role in the opposition of those rights up until 2013. She supported the “Don’t ask don’t tell” policy, which was enacted by her husband in 1994, and in 1996 she supported her husband in enacting the DOMA, which prohibited same sex couples from enjoying the same rights as married couples.
Hillary Clinton also claims to care for women and children; however, during 1990s she supported PRWORA, which was welfare reform her husband Bill enacted that forced single mothers into low paying jobs where they couldn’t even support their families and also took school lunches from children, then freed up tax dollars to provide assistance to wealthy corporations like McDonald’s to conduct business overseas.

During the 1960s, Bernie Sanders marched with Martin Luther King and was arrested for standing up to segregation, he has long fought for what he believed is right. It is clear to me that Black Lives DO Matter! And Bernie stands for that!

Bernie’s vision of diversity is something that resonates with me deeply. America is about diversity and freedom. We the People have been sold out for decades, we deserve more. It’s time for living wages and to put an end to misemployment. It’s time to have a healthy, educated nation. All will pay into it with our sweat and earned dollars. We need to take our country and the promise of opportunity it is known for back for ourselves, and our future!
So, you see? These are many reasons to “feel the Bern” and there many more. If you’re curious about Bernie Sanders, check out s website at!



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