Monthly Archives: July 2016


Don’t expect me to proclaim any allegiance to the Democratic Party. There’s a long list of reasons why I deeply dislike the Clintons; however, I won’t get into specifics right now. My love affair with the Green Party began in 2000, with the prospect that we’d once and for all be free of the Clinton regime. Al Gore ran that year and because of his affiliation with the Clintons, no way in hell was I going to vote for him.
I didn’t consider that my candidate Ralph Nader would lose to the corrupt establishment– or that even in the event that the vote count turned in his favor, the obstacle of the electoral college awarding their own candidates with their own agendas would also be a factor. If we think that simply votingĀ  to be free from the lies and betrayal of those who make their backhanded, misleading promises will set our country on a different course, we’re sorely mistaken and this election has proven that.
This election is different. Unlike the 2000 election, voter suppression and election fraud during the primaries have proven to be at the core of the division on the left. I’m beyond Sanders-wikileaks-election-fraud-700x350disgusted and angry with the poor treatment of my fellow progressives, ESPECIALLY BERNIE SANDERS and his surrogates, by members of the Democratic establishment; however, I do find myself conflicted. How am I going to face the women I’ve known who’ve found themselves in need of an abortion? How am I going to face my friends who are minorities should the Republicans win this election? How am I going to face my children if I vote for a candidate who REWARDED her dear friend with a position of honor for acting very dishonorably and abusing her power to further her personal agendas? Do our votes really count? Will they be able to just bypass the will of the people once again and rig the General, just as Bush did during his second term? Which party would cause less damage? If I vote Green this election, am I setting myself up for another disappointment and will it impede Bernie Sanders’ ability to expand the revolution and drive the movement forward? What will be the global impact of supporting Clinton? What if Trump wins? How will my vote effect the SCOTUS?
You see, throwing my support behind a candidate other than Bernie Sanders isn’t an easy decision. My whole life I’ve wanted to see a female President; but, I’m woefully embarrassed by this candidate and I’m disappointed in how she “won” the primary… by robbing the American people of their choice. She did not act alone, either. We will all pay the price. You won’t find me saying “I’m with her” or throwing my enthusiasm behind what many perceive to be a “win”for my gender. I’ll consider my options in October with the hope that justice will prevail much sooner than that. If not, one thing’s for certain, we’ll be facing another four years of taxation without representation. We’ll still pay in labor, dollars, and time for the creation of weapons for the Clinton Foundation to broker and bloat the wallets of their chosen contractors. I’ll be sure to donate regularly to Bernie Sanders Institute in hopes that one day in my lifetime, things will change for the better.

Who will YOU be voting for in November?