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Jennifer VanDyke

I began today with dreading the thought of going anywhere without my camera. I’m currently employed at a call center where, for security reasons, cell phones aren’t allowed on the call floor because so many of them have cameras. As a woman who spent $45,000+  five years earning my degree and building credentials, I have to say that I’m beginning to feel depressed.

As a person who thinks Democratically and seeing that things are changing in the United States, it was a natural idea for me to decide to contact a solar energy company as soon as I could get online and research it. Unfortunately, my computer crashed and was pronounced dead when emergency efforts to revive it had failed; therefore, I decided to go to my boyfriend’s house to use his computer.

As these thoughts were masticating within the folds of my brain, I did a face plant up the staircase outside of my residence. Of course, as I stood up I was sure to look around in hopes nobody saw such an embarrassing display, then dusted myself off  and proceeded to move forward.

Once I was able to access the Internet, I found a local solar installation specialist and phoned him with the hopes he would be interested in my skills. To my dismay, he informed me that he was interested in my skill set and he would be thrilled to consider me; however, he wasn’t hiring because banks aren’t loaning any money and grants are only available to a select few. In fact, people aren’t able to buy houses unless they have a substantial amount of money set aside for the purchase along with extremely good credit. Ouch!

It looks like I missed the “Great American Dream” while I was in school attempting to become part of  a socially responsible solution, which begins with an education. Just as elderly people on fixed incomes are faced to choose between paying for medications or buying groceries, many non-traditional  graduates such as myself are faced with buying groceries or paying student loans.

In the meantime, I will keep seeking better employment opportunities and throwing away all of these credit card offers claiming that the more I spend, the more “rewards” I’ll receive. Additionally, I want to know what’s being done to help America move toward renewable energy; therefore, my time off will be used to find answers. If you have any leads for me whatsoever, you’re welcome to leave links and comments. Thank you!