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If you’re a Gen-Xer like myself, you’ll likely remember the days when you had to dress your best before entering employment establishments to fill out applications by hand. You were able to interact with potential employers, who then got a “feel” for your style and could determine if you were a possible fit for the company. I never would’ve pictured having the ability to submit multiple applications online while dressed in pajamas (or even your underwear) all in one day, let alone utilizing the convenience of Google Chrome‘s auto fill tool. Somewhere along the way, we’ve exchanged amiable personal interactions for less mileage on our cars and inadvertently, we’ve become impersonal search terms in a computer file scan; thus, making it far more difficult to have a chance at proving ourselves or meeting some kind of potential fit which would include personality traits.
Like many of my LinkedIn contacts, when I initially set up my account I did so with hopes of being that one contact a business would hand-pick for my skills and to enhance my career search; however, was this a realistic expectation?  I think not. Why? Because the majority of my employment applications haven’t required any of my LinkedIn information. Honestly, LinkedIn does have a lot of potential to help boost users with their career searches. Users are able to personalize their profiles which can include photographs, feeds, and endorsements from fellow professionals.
In conclusion, who do you think utilizes LinkedIn more? Do you have a LinkedIn account? If so, then this poll is for you! Let’s see, shall we?